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Glass Fireplace Screen with Etched Frosted Art

September 5th, 2013 by ssearles – Comments (0)

There’s nothing like curling by the fire on a cold winter day by your stunning glass fireplace screen.  It’s one thing to have just a regular fire place, but to have one created by Sans Soucie that is your own design, just the way you like it, is something to be proud of. The fireplace screens can be frosted to any effect. If you wanted to be able to see the flames as more of a glow,  the artists can completely sandblast the screen so it appears that way or if  you would like for the flames to be more noticeable but would prefer a design, that is also possible.   Also available custom glass edging on the screen.   You can have something other than just straight polished edges  to frame your art. The artist hand cuts the glass, creating a smooth wavy appearance.

Check out this gorgeous design below.  Featuring Sans Soucie’s Swan song design, it accents the fireplace beautifully.  The art glass fireplace screen adds a custom element to any living room, along with creating a great conversation piece. To see more Wildlife designs, visit our Wildlife Gallery that could potentially be placed in front of your fireplace!

Swan Song Glass Fireplace Screen

Swan Song Glass Fireplace Screen


Swan Song Glass Fireplace Screen

Swan Song Glass Fireplace Screen

Frosted Glass Fireplace Screens

March 28th, 2012 by lgannett – Comments (1)

One of our more unique specialty glass items is our frosted glass fireplace screens. Perfect for achieving a high end elegant thats sure to impress. Our frosted glass fireplace screens come custom made to fit any homes decor. Etched ,carved, and even painted if you prefer. Our glass is 100% custom made to fit your specifications. Click HERE to view our online gallery.

Trellised Roses

Ribbon Scrolls

Roadrunner Fireplace Screen



Decorative Glass Fireplace Screens

November 24th, 2009 by lgannett – Comments (1)

Etched glass fireplace screens are another very popular architectural “accessory” glass item created by Sans Soucie Art Glass.  Any shape, style or configuration is possible and what a stunning effect the etched and carved glass areas take on, when back lit by the natural light from the fire.

Etched Glass Fireplace Screen "Swan Song"
Etched Glass Fireplace Screen “Swan Song”

The first photo I’m featuring in this blog, our “Swan Song” design fireplace screen, is what I believe to be one of the most beautiful custom “art pieces” featured on a glass firescreen on our web site.  A beautiful picturesque scene of two Swans in a Lake, the scene is bordered by chiseled irregular edges all around, including the base piece.  This is a single panel, free standing glass fireplace screen, which takes up very little space, but you do have to have enough room to slide the screen away from the opening when necessary.

"Hibiscus & Ribbons" Glass Fireplace Screen
“Hibiscus & Ribbons” Glass Fireplace Screen

Beautiful custom edges can be irregularly carved all around, following the edge of the custom design, as seen, for example on the “Hibiscus & Ribbons” glass fireplace screen.  The edges have been chiseled to follow the ribbons and flowers that are featured around the border.

Another favorite, is the “Iris” Fireplace screen.  The photo is quite old and doesn’t really show enough detail to allow you to appreciate the deep carved textures in the glass.  This is a beautiful design, and the 3 panel, clipped corner design panel

Iris - 3 Panel Glass Fireplace Screen
Iris – 3 Panel Glass Fireplace Screen

configuration is a very popular choice for an all glass firescreen.

Visit our Fireplace Screen Online Gallery to see many more pieces like these!