Glass Bathroom Counter – Triptic design

Sans Soucie Art Glass Studio is always on trend and pushing the envelope in design! Why not take your old Bathroom Counter top to the next level with a bold art glass design! This Triptic Design can be created on anything from stunning Glass Bathroom Vanities to Frameless Entry Glass Doors and more! Sans Soucie’s artists have the knowledge and capability of providing customers with endless options when executing a design.  Your one of a kind glass counter top can be frosted, etched, carved or painted!   This is done by hand sandblasting every piece to perfection!  The colors are limitless, and are painted onto your carved piece bringing vibrancy and luxury to any design.

The evolution of Bathroom Counter Tops or Vanities have come a long way from your traditional and boring square tiles!  Bring world class artwork right into your bathroom and experience our unlimited designs, edges, and textures.  We can make your vision into a reality with our options of all shapes, sizes and configurations! Sans Soucie also has a signature design custom hand chiseled, irregular edge, in addition to the traditional straight and polished edges.

Set your home apart by adding your own personal touches with Frosted and Etched Glass pieces TODAY! Why stop at your bathroom when we make the process easy for to create glass doors, cabinets, showers, and more! You think it… We DESIGN IT! It’s that simple!


decorative glass vanity

Triptic Glass Vanity

custom glass vanity triptic

Triptic Glass Vanity (additional view)


Glass Dining Tables With Custom Designs

Glass dining tables with custom etched, carved and painted custom designs create a stunning look to suit any decor!  Our glass dining tables are truly unique and can feature unlimited designs to coordinate with your dining room or living room.  Sans Soucie glass dining tables and bases are all custom made to order and are available in any size, shape or thickness of glass. We ship nationwide and all our glass is fully insured.  Below is a couple great examples.   Sans Soucie also creates shattered glass tables, glass vanities, custom bar tops, and all can feature any one of our custom edges or any design imaginable!

Shoreline Dining Table

table geometric circles bubbly  - 2


Shoreline Dining Table

table geometric circles bubbly  - 1

Bubble Breakfast Table by Sans Soucie

Decorative Bathroom Mirrors l Living Room Mirrors

Decorative mirrors for bathroom and bedroom featuring hand etched and carved designs by Sans Soucie will add a unique custom piece to your decor!   Two very different mirrors shown here, both feature color that will definitely be eye catching!   One of the mirrors below features an abstract style design “Brilliant Brushes”. The other one is a beautiful asian style Bonsai tree mirror that’s carved into a black mirror, with tree bushels that feature a hint of gold that give those segments a nice pop!

With no limit to style or size, any design can be custom created to suit your decor.  Sans Soucie showcases a huge collection of custom mirrors inside their online Mirrors Gallery.  Creating custom designed etched glass art since 1976, Sans Soucie has a huge selection of design archives.  And while you’re inside the gallery check out all the other great art glass pieces that the Sans Soucie team creates. They can carve into any piece of glass transforming it into a piece of art that will add a custom element to your home!

mirror abstract pattern border brilliant brushes

Brilliant Brushes Primary Decorative Mirror

mirror tree bonsai

Bonsai Tree Black Mirror

Art Glass Sculptures – Custom Frosted Glass

Art glass sculptures can be created in any imaginable shape, style and size with an etched frosted glass, carved design.  Effects are sandblasted different ways, creating different effects and pricing.  This sculpture, “Rugged Retreat” by Sans Soucie, is 120″ tall and is made up of 3 panels of 1/2″ glass.  The glass is hand chiseled and carved, forming irregular, overlapping shapes.  This sculpture was created in 2013.  Price will vary by complexity and type of glass etched effect, either   Specialty Glass or Frosted Glass.  

sculpture abstract rugged retreat layers edge lit glass - 1

Rugged Retreat Art Glass Sculpture

sculpture abstract rugged retreat layers edge lit glass - 2

Sans Soucie’s Rugged Retreat Glass Sculpture

sculpture abstract rugged retreat layers edge lit glass - 3

Glass is edge lit from the bottom

sculpture abstract rugged retreat layers edge lit glass - 4

3 Panel Glass Sculpture is 120″ tall, made up of 1/2″ glass panels.

sculpture abstract rugged retreat layers edge lit glass - 5

Rugged Retreat Art Glass Sculpture

Edges are hand chiseled to create various shapes and forms, and glass can be layered vertically or horizontally.  Color can be added to enhance the effect and the glass itself is available in limitless colors.

Unique Glass for the Home! Glass Sculptures

These days, wanting that special, unique item that no one else has is standard practice. Glass sculptures are one of those items!  We all want to be set apart and show our individuality through art, clothing, just about everything. These unique glass items below would fit that mold nicely.  The words in this blog could not express the brilliance behind the making of these items. Each glass item takes something that normal society is used to seeing and using everyday and transforms them into a piece of art to be admired.

The sculpture at the bottom was designed by Sans Soucie. It is one of the many items that they can create to bow your mind.  The also create many  extravagant glass doorsmirrorsshower doors, and more.  Glass ships worldwide at reasonable prices! Don’t forget to visit the Sans Soucie website to check out what else they have in store.


Contemporary Home Design: Awesome Unique Glass Exterior Design

Glaciers Dining Table & Sculptures

Glass Panels Separate with Style!

Modernize your home with beautiful frosted glass panels!  They provide privacy and are a stunning, custom touch! Etched Glass has a way of bringing in a custom element to any home.  An art glass panel is absolutely useful in creating new open space in an office or any area whether it’s residential or commercial.  Separating one area from another, glass panels are the perfect solution where private space is needed, without having to put up a wall.

There are many advantages to using glass to separate an area. Not only is it a removable (which means you could take it with you into your next home if desired), it also opens up the space,   Even if your are moving offices these beautiful panels are not lost but can be packed and used again in a new space. Glass panels are also very beneficial for marketing purposes in both sales and branding as you have Sans Soucie Art Glass frost or carve your log into the glass.  By utilizing a glass dividing wall, the influence can be far greater if a little bit of your own touch is applied to the piece.

Don’t forget to pass by the Sans Soucie website to see more that’s offered for not only glass dividers, but also their extravagant glass doors, mirrors, shower doors, and more.  Glass ships worldwide at reasonable prices!

Abstract Hills Wall Partition

Abstract Hills Wall Partition

glass partitions frosted

Down Stream

Down Stream

Frosted Glass Panels and Doors with Abstract Art

The abstract design is unique in the way it lays on Sans Soucie’s glass products. The frosted glass designs provide a stunning appearance on any kind of glass. It provides needed privacy and can transform any mirror into a piece of art.

Most abstract pieces are a visual language that expresses the artists emotions and feelings at a certain time period. Each stroke and color is a representation specific to the artist. Abstract art is all about the artist departing  from reality in depiction of imagery in art.

Check out these abstract designs on multiple glass canvases:

Shoreline Beach Waves Divider

Shoreline Beach Waves Divider




Adria’s Bath Mirror

Adria’s Bath Mirror

Exterior Doors make a great first impression!

What is generally the first thing that a guest notices when approaching your home? The Entry Door! Whether it is the main entrance to your courtyard or your front door, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Sans Soucie Art Glass can help you make a fantastic first impression with our Specialty Glass Doors. Our gallery of designs will help you decide exactly which look will suite your home. For a modern home, for instance, there is a wide selection of custom Abstract Glass Doors, such as our Cable design. For a beach home, we have several Oceanic Designs, ranging from high sea waves to mermaids.

Each of our designs can be sandblasted to provide less or more privacy, whichever is needed… You decide! Sans Soucie creates all designs through the art of Sandblasting. Specializing in Etched Glass and Carving, we are enabled to provide a product that is sure to provide astonishment.

Cable Door Positive

Newport Waves Glass Positive





Gorgeous Glass Reception Desk for DOS Salon

When you enter DOS Salon on El Paseo in Palm Desert, the first thing you’ll see are warm smiles and a personal greeting by one of their expert stylists or owner Dennis Ogas, but right away you can’t help but notice this stunning glass reception desk with the DOS Salon Logo 3D sculpture carved on the face of it!  This desk is a work of art, with irregular edged support base pieces that are “V” Shaped, coming up taller than the counter top on the right side, with coordinating support legs on the opposite side.  The glass is a hefty 3/4″ thick and features chipped and polished irregular edges all around, with the base and front pieces having a gluechip texture applied to both the front and back surfaces.  The top surface of the counter top section is smooth clear glass, with the entire underside surface deep carved in Sans Soucie’s Moonscape texture, with a metallic silver applied to the carved texture.  When viewed from the top surface, the metallic silver becomes a beautiful soft blue-green, complimenting the silver, white, and medium-tone wood flooring of DOS Salon’s contemporary decor.

Owner Dennis Ogas as an internationally trained Hair Artist with over 30 years experience.  The goal for DOS Salon is to create an upscale, relaxed environment comprised of a team of artists who not have a passion for fashion and style, but for the customers experience while at the salon.  Find out more about the salon and services available at    Find them here on Google maps!


Close up of the counter top portion. Smooth glass on top, with deep carved texture on the underside.



Divide With Style using Etched Glass Partitions

Suspended – Glass Partitions

 There is a false notion that glass partitions makes for a plain, boring look. The fact is that glass has flexibility that other resources cannot match.  An etched glass partition is extremely useful in creating new open spaces in an office or any area whether it’s residential or commerical.  Separating one area from another, glass panels are the perfect solution where private space is needed, without having to put up a wall.

There are numerous practical benefits of using demountable room dividers as an alternative of simply constructing a new perpetual wall. Not only does it let the outline of an office floor alter many times, it also means that rooms shared for practical purposes can ultimately be reinstated to their full size. There are also marketing benefits to these walls, which can benefit a business in terms of both sales and labeling. In fact, by utilizing a glass dividing wall, the influence can be far superior if a little bit of discovery and creativeness is applied.

Glass is a top choice when an organization wants to create a new, private area without blocking any light.  Glass panels can also feature the company name and logo.   The effect can be achieved thru glass film, but over time, the film can crack and peel, whereas sandblast frosting the text and logo into the glass is 100% permanent and completely durable.

Psalm 42:1

Fairway View, Golf Course Scene

The elegance of frosted glass can be all significant to the appearance of the company, but it can also be used effectively to sponsor a sense of what the business is about. So, instead of using only the company logo there can be elements and images added that provide clues of the company product and values. The best instance is perhaps fast food cafeterias, where pictures of happy families relishing meals collectively are powerfully perceptible all over the restaurant.

So, a hospital may incorporate panels that feature soft, flowing lines that give a serene and calming appeal to the area, or even feature landscape scenes that depict the geographical location of the establishment.  A toy company that vends figurines may have outlines of easily identifiable toys, like rotating tops, or constructing blocks. A kindergarten may have the script and numbers, and a soundtrack studio may have musical notes and tones beautifying the panels.  Extremely comprehensive scenes can be portrayed.  This can uphold the company and its amenities, or products in an unintended way.  It is a little like being enclosed by a list without pushing sales, and expresses to the visitor something about the business and what it does thru elegant means.

One of the most significant results of incorporating glass partitions and dividers into a commercial space is what thee customer is left with:  the theme or feel of the brand.  The beautiful surroundings created thru frosted and carved glass can augment the image of a business greatly.