Interior Glass Doors with Frosted Bamboo Shoots

Check out these beautiful interior glass doors featuring Bamboo Shoots!  Providing an abundance of privacy still allowing light to shine in, these glass doors are a great addition to an asian decor theme or tropical motif.

The difference between these two doors is not only their appearance but also that that one is an insert glass and the other is the glass installed in a door frame. The Bamboo Shoots 3D Pinstripe Glass, as you can see, has more of a 3D effect to it.   The design is actually sandblast sculpted deep into the glass, and has a relief texture.   The door on the left, also achieved by sandblast etching, features the same design but is not deep carved, but frosted or etched on the top surface only.  The design elements are thin, clear pinstripes.  The surface etched glass is being lower in cost, both doors are absolutely stunning.

Sans Soucie artists can increase or decrease the privacy by sandblasting the same design in different effects, whichever is needed.  For a quick demo, check out our Sandblast Effects video.

To see more designs like this in an asian motif, visit our Bamboo Designs Gallery!  Get instant pricing on this glass and door, and customize your own, in our Online Door Designer!  Available in 8 woods or as glass insert only for both interior and glass entry doors.

Bamboo Shoots 3D Pinstripe Glass

Bamboo Shoots 3D Pinstripe Glass

Bamboo Shoots Pinstripe

Bamboo Shoots Pinstripe

Bamboo Glass Doors For the Whole Home

Bamboo has so many different uses but how about using it of Art or for the design of your Home? Here at Sans Soucie we have created this Etched Glass design to fit into any part of your Home where you would want the privacy, elegance, and beauty of our Bamboo Shoots Design.  This particular design is 3D carved and shaded on Acid Etched Glass, thats how we get the design private.  Many of our clients have chosen to have Bamboo Shoots as Glass Doors to their Offices, Bathrooms, Entry Ways, and even Showers!  We enjoy making these Beautiful works of Art and seeing our clients faces light up or getting the emails of amazement.

Bamboo Shoots Glass Only

Bamboo Shoots Close Up

Bamboo Shoots Glass in Door
















































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Glass Doors – Etched Bamboo Designs provide JUST the right Privacy!

Glass doors create a wonderful, open feel for any entry door or interior, and regardless of the privacy level you need, Sans Soucie Art Glass has just the right look, and design!  This is Sans Soucie’s Bamboo Shoots design, shown in different etched and carved glass effects.  All create various levels of privacy and are in a different range of price.  The same design can be sandblasted in a Solid Frost effect, a 2D Surface Etched, 3D Carved, or even Carved and Painted.  Check out our Sandblast Effects Video for a brief demonstration.

Sans Soucie has a vast array of design selections, with designs in every motif, from Abstract, Contemporary, Landscape Scenes, to Foliage and custom logos.  Any design can be done on any type of piece.  Visit our Main Gallery to browse and find a beautiful custom etched glass piece for your home!

3D Carved 100% Private

3D Carved Pinstripe Outline

Bamboo Shoots-Negative

Bamboo Shoots-Positive


Bamboo Shoots – 3D Carved Pinstripe Outlined

Bamboo Shoots – 3D Carved 100% Private


Etched-Carved Glass Windows for Privacy

These gorgeous etched carved glass windows by Sans Soucie Art Glass were executed to provide privacy.  The frosted or etched glass surface will not decrease the level of light that passes thru the glass and into the room, but merely diffuses it, taking away the sun’s glare.   Although varios techniques are used to achieve the privacy glass, the primary method for etching the glass is done by sandblasting.

Inside our Online Galleries, you can view hundreds of pieces, by Type of Piece or Type of Design.  Take a virtual tour of our showroom and read the bio of our principal artist, Chauncey W. Gannett.  There’s even a page with Pricing Examples.  Read about some of our Commercial Commissions and even Request a Quote.  For further details, and to request a custom quote, Contact Us.

Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios, Inc. is well known nationwide for setting the industry standard for high quality, custom designed Sandblast Etched, Frosted, 3D Carved and Stained Art Glass.  Sans Soucie has been specializing in architectural glass since 1976, earning a well established name and reputation among thousands of homeowners, designers, builders and architects nationwide.

Bamboo Glass Frosted Doors & Windows by Sans Soucie

Bamboo Glass for Doors and Windows in various design styles and etched glass privacy levels by Sans Soucie Art Glass!  Decorative frosted glass doors are the perfect solution for privacy.  Bamboo glass designs to suit your decor are available in unlimited styles and textures, depending upon individual taste and preferred finish.