A Stunning Combination: Etched and Beveled Glass

We recently installed one of the most stunning, most unique entry glass systems we’ve ever designed and created.   Commissioned by the homeowner, the glass was installed inside their private residence inside The Vintage Club of Indian Wells, California.  This gorgeous luxury home is currently undergoing a complete renovation and remodel by De Witte Construction of Palm Desert.

"Grand Entry"  View from inside the home.

"Grand Entry" View from inside the home.

We featured additional art glass windows created for this home in a previous blog .. elegant windows of landscape and floral designs, featuring our highest levels of design quality and complexity levels.stained glass beveled etched tropical leaves1

The glass for the entry is unique in that it features both a tropical etched glass design that was applied to leaded beveled glass .. a rare and stunning combination.

The entry system has a total of seven triple pane, insulated glass units installed into metal frames (provided by Crystal Clear Mirror & Glass of Thousand  Palms).  The glass used to create the leaded panels, consists of tall vertical rectangles and squares with beveled edges all around, that run across both the top and bottom sections, combined with panes of clear glass across the remainder of the glass, called “the field” areas.  The center sections of the door glass features a “diamond shape” with various types of beautiful textured glass, adding another level of variation and interest to the design.

The leaded panels were then sandblasted with an etched and shaded Tropical Leaf design, with tall leaves that run up the sides and angle in toward the center, creating an “inviting” feel as you approach the entry.

View from the outside as you approach the home.

View from the outside as you approach the home.

We are extremely proud to have been selected to create this stunning entry, as well as the additional art glass windows for this incredible home and working with this homeowner, the staff of De Witte Construction and Crystal Clear Mirror & Glass was a pleasure as always!   What a great project.

door/window/stained glass/beveled tropical leaves - 2

Elegant Windows installed at The Vintage Club

Just this week, we installed three magnificent windows featuring truly graceful, elegant designs.

The hardest part about featuring them in our blog, is the fact that the photos can’t possibly demonstrate their beauty!   Partly because photographing our work is always challenging, with reflection and light always being an issue, but also because the method of sandblasting used to execute these particular pieces.

Close up of "Floral Perch"

Close up of "Floral Perch"

These windows needed to provide 100% privacy.  In order to achieve that, the entire glass surface must be either “frosted” and/or carved, obviously laving no clear glass.  In this case, the design elements were 3-dimensionally sculpture carved,  leaving no clear areas, featuring no “shading” within the design.   The design is illuminated beautifully by the natural sunlight coming through the glass, and the sculpture carved edges and angles in the design become a bright white.

Full view of "Floral Perch" 32" x 93" Window

Full view of "Floral Perch" 32" x 93" Window

The other thing you can’t appreciate without seeing these windows installed in person, is their SIZE!    “Techniques & Effects” page on our site to learn more about design complexity levels).  It took many hours of carving, by extremely skilled hands to achieve the varying depths and perfect textures, fitting for each different design element:  from swan feathers, tree bushels, various flowers, tiny leaves and streams of water, each surface has distinguishable differences in their carved textures.

These windows were just installed last week, at a private residence inside The Vintage Club, Indian Wells, California, as part of an extensive remodel being done by De Witte Construction, Palm Desert. And because I can’t wait to share, I’ll also tell you that coming soon, we are installing all new entry glass into this incredible home, that I can say with confidence, will be one the grandest, most stunning entries we’ve ever created and installed.  Considering the many breathtaking entries we’ve completed in the past, I know that’s saying a lot, but once you get a look at it, we think you’ll agree that it’s one of our most beautiful.  (Just a teaser:  it incorporates both beveled leaded glass with an etched and shaded design combined!)etched glass window swans lake trees landscape

"Tranquil Meadows" 60" x 108" Window

"Tranquil Meadows" 60" x 108" Window

New Entry Door Glass for Historic Home

Looking thru the glass to the mural inside, as you approach the front entry.

Looking thru the glass to the mural inside, as you approach the front entry.

Last week we installed a new entry door glass panel into a home that is not only beautiful, but also has a wonderful, unique history, owned by a delightful couple, Harold & Dorothy Meyerman.

As we talk about on our web site, we count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be in the business we are in, that gives us opportunities to meet and get to know some amazing people, who commission us for glass in their incredible homes!   This client was no exception!  From the moment Harold & Dorothy entered our showroom, we enjoyed working with them, planning and designing their glass.   We also soon discovered that their home was not only beautiful, but had an interesting history.

The home is located in the Oak Knoll area of Pasadena, near the Langham Hotel. The architect was H. Roy Kelly, reasonably well known in his day.  He was a student of Mies van der Rohe.  The 1950’s style home was featured in a 1949 issue of Architectural Digest that Harold &  Dorothy have.  Dana Smith was its first owner and the Meyerman’s purchased the home from him.  Dana chaired President Nixon’s early campaigns including the one which led to the President’s “Checkers” speech.  The Meyerman’s have done significant updates over the years, much with the approval of Mr. Kelly, who last saw the home at the age of 98.

The new door glass is installed into the wide front entry door and measures approx. 36″ x 79″ and is 1/2″ thick, clear tempered glass.

View from inside the house, looking through the glass to courtyard, entry.

View from inside the house, looking through the glass to courtyard, entry.

The design selected is a pattern of 1″ squares, set 1″ apart, that are 3-dimensionally sculpture carved into the inside surface of the glass, providing a very stream-lined, contemporary feel, in keeping with the sleek lines of the 1950’s style architecture.  The background area is clear glass, which allows for visibility through the glass, into the entry area of the home, where directly opposite of the front door, is a beautiful mural commissioned in 1996, which can now be seen through the glass, as you enter the driveway and approach the home, which was not previously visible thru the original, solid door.

We’re proud to have a piece of our work as a part of this beautiful, historic home, and are grateful to have

met and worked with Harold & Dorothy!

We invite you to read their comments about the new glass on our Testimonials Page!

Close up, from inside the house.

Close up, from inside the house.

Recently Completed “Abstract Hills” Wall Partition Glass

This beautiful 3-panel wall divider glass, pony wall partition was finished and installed this week inside a Medical Professional Building in Whittier, California.

"Abstract Hills" Wall Partition Glass.  The 3 panel wall partition features 4 different textures and are separated by carved bands that are bordered by a clear pinstripe.

"Abstract Hills" Wall Partition Glass. The 3 panel wall partition features 4 different textures and are separated by carved bands that are bordered by a clear pinstripe.

Contracted by interior design firm “Living Concepts, A Design Studio” of Seal Beach, California, Sans Soucie Art Glass installed the 3 panels measuring 23″ wide x 65-1/2″ tall, 3/8″ thick, clear tempered glass that were encased inside 3/4″ chrome finish U Channel, on top of a pony wall.

The Sans Soucie design “Abstract Hills” was chosen, which features a beautiful selection of different textures and design elements, requiring several different techniques.   The glass is surface etched as well as sculpture carved with bands and an abstract random texture that has small chunks or formations.   Other sections were gluechipped sections and solid frosted.  The panels will not only provide a beautiful and interesting custom glass element to the area, but the textures and finishes that were applied, also obscure the glass, providing privacy.

Close up showing more details featured in the various textgures.

Close up showing more details featured in the various textures.