Glass Windows

Oh Let the Sun Shine in!

    PPPrivacy and Light.
TTTTttttTTTTThe Best of Both Worlds!


Get the Privacy You Need,
Without Sacrificing Light!

Without Sacrificing Light!

Block the view and brighten the look with beautiful etched glass windows that perfectly suit your style!


Setting the industry standard since 1976, our designs are created thru sandblast etching and carving.  Using sand as their sculpting tool, our artists etch, cut and carve the design into the glass.  The white surface obscures the glass, diffuses light and eliminates glare – creating privacy without blocking light, thru a beautiful Work of Art Captured in Glass!  See our Effects.  With over 40 years of creating custom designs for a myriad of products, we’ve built the largest design collection of its kind – all available in different effects, privacy and price levels.   Choose from our vast collection of designs or let us create a one-of-a-kind creation perfectly suited to your taste and decor!  See our effects.


  How much, how long?

ETA and price will vary by sandblast effect.

Everything is custom-made-to-order.  Our 1D  sandblast effects are the most economical options, and  have the quickest turn-around, with a minimum of 3-4 weeks for most windows.   Our 2D and 3D, 3D Painted effects as well as our Stained Glass and Cast Glass have an ETA of approx. 7-8 weeks.

Shipping is nation and worldwide and starts at $99.  All glass ships by freight carrier with a tracking number, fully insured and custom packed in-house by our expert artist glaziers.


  What You’ll Get

First and foremost, you’ll get quality! Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted with attention to every detail in the design.

All glass is tempered for safety!   Interior glass windows will be 1/4” thick for 1D and 2D effects, (where the design is etched on the surface, not carved), while 3/8″ thick glass is required for 3D carving  and for our 3D painted glass.  Exterior glass windows will be an insulated dual pane unit for energy efficiency.   For 1D and 2D effects, the dual pane will be made up of two panes of 1/8″ glass.   For 3D, the sandblast carved pane will be 3/8″ thick and the other pane will be 1/8″ thick, clear plain glass.   We seal the carved, art glass surface to the inside surface of the dual pane, (making both exterior surfaces of the unit smooth, clear glass).

For an exterior window that is stained or leaded glass, you’ll receive what’s called a “triple pane unit“, with the art glass panel sandwiched between two layers of 1/8” glass.



A minimum of 3/8″ thickness is required for 3D carving, so if you choose an exterior window and a 3D effect (with or without color), the second pane of the dual unit will be 3/8″ thick. If you choose a 1D effect, the second pane will be 1/8″ thick. Spec sheets for each below:

Sans Soucie creates custom etched glass products for everywhere in your home!   Entry Doors, pantry doors, laundry room doorsinterior glass doorswine cellar doorsframeless all glass doors, bathroom doors, door glass inserts, windows, showers, shower doors, glass partitions, mirrors, tables and more!


Let us Create the Privacy You Need,

thru Etched Glass Art,

Perfectly Suited to Your Decor!