Exterior Single Pre-Hung Door

A pre-hung door is hinged and hanging in its own frame (a.k.a. the jamb pieces).

1. Hinge, Lock and Top Matching Jambs      ~ Wood Doors will have a Matching Jamb
      ~ Fiberglass Doors will have a Primed Jamb
2. 4" x 4" Commercial Grade Hinges      ~ (3) on 6/8    ~(4) on 8/0
3. Hinge cutouts on door
4. Double Bored for Knob & Prepped for Strike Plate
5. Weatherstripping
6. Door Sweep
7. Aluminum Sill (Threshold)      ~ In Bronze, Zinc or White
8. Decorative Glass Pre-installed
    Swing Direction & Knob Side
    Rough Opening
    Jamb Width
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