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Each of our custom creations is a unique work of art. In order for your quote to be accurate, detailed information is required. Please provide us with the following information:

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To ALL NEW glass provided by Sans Soucie
To my glass, please quote for ARTWORK only
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Delivered/Installed by Sans Soucie (See Delivery & Installation)
Shipped to Project Location and installed by other contractor (See Crating & Shipping)
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Note: we do not provide frames!

Enclosed (All 4 Sides)
Enclosed (Exposed Top)
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Free Standing
Pony Wall
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3/8 in. (Can be Carved and/or Surfaced Etched)
1/2 in. (Can be Carved and/or Surfaced Etched)
3/4 in. (Can be Carved and/or Surfaced Etched)
Glass Color:
? Clear

Prices vary depending on the TYPE OF SANDBLAST EFFECT and the COMPLEXITY OF THE DESIGN. See Sandblast Effects and Watch a Video Demonstration for more info.

Specialty Glass (Stage Sandblast, Carved, Painted, Stained)

1. 2D Etched & 3D Carved - Semi Private
2. 3D Carved - 100% Private
3. 3D Carved & Painted - Semi or 100% Private
4. Stained/Leaded Glass - Semi or 100% Private

Frosted Glass (Surface Etched)

5. Positive - For Effect
6. Negative - Semi-Private
7. Pinstripe - More Private
8. Positive on Acid Etch - 100% Private


Depending upon the design style, what is featured in it, the desired effect and privacy level, different background finishes can be applied. Once these are determined, we will advise you on what will look and work best with your choices, but for estimating purposes, please indicate how you would like your background.

Remain Clear (no background)
Misted for Semi-Privacy
Solid Frosted for Privacy
Gluechipped for Privacy
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