About Us

Who We Are


Founded in 1976, Sans Soucie Art Glass offers a level of QUALITY, SKILL, PRECISION AND EXPERTISE that can only be gained thru EXPERIENCE.

Sans Soucie’s principal artist and designer is owner Chauncey W. Gannett.

Chauncey began learning the trade and craft of art glass while growing up, working in the family business. With plans of becoming an architect or engineer, in 1985 Chauncey changed course, taking his natural skill and creative abilities in art, design and engineering and applied it within the field of art glass.

Today, together with his wife LeeAnn, Chauncey and his team of highly skilled artisans and glaziers, have earned a well established name and reputation for Sans Soucie. Known among thousands of homeowners, designers, builders and developers for creating the highest quality etched, carved and leaded art glass available in the industry, Sans Soucie is also known for its broad-range design versatility and outstanding level of customer service and satisfaction.

C17 Glaziers Contractors License 760697

What We Do

Etched, Carved & Leaded Art Glass
Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios sets an industry standard Etched, Carved and Leaded architectural art glass. From conception to design, and execution to installation, Sans Soucie is known for creating the highest quality executions in a diverse range of design styles.

From Simple to Extravagant
The sky’s the limit in design possibilities. Ranging from abstract and geometric, to foliage, floral and detailed landscape scenes, choose from our vast array of design archives or let us create a one-of-a-kind design for your specific project. Visit our online Gallery to view hundreds of photos in various design styles.

PRIVACY. More or less.
A great advantage with Sans Soucie Art Glass, is that any design can be executed to provide any Level of Privacy. Sans Soucie Art Glass is the perfect solution for achieving the desired amount of privacy in your entry or bath, or wherever it’s needed, without sacrificing sunlight.

Etching or carving the glass will create obscurity and privacy. It will diffuse the light and reduce the amount of glare coming in. It can provide a little privacy or a lot, depending on what you need.

How We Do It: From Concept to Completion

Sans Soucie Art Glass pieces are custom designed and hand crafted one by one.

Etched and/or carved designs are created by hand SANDBLASTING, and leaded/stained glass is hand cut and fabricated.

Design and fabrication truly is “a process” and here’s basically how it works:


Our Art Glass is PRICED BY THE SQUARE FOOT, so to give you an estimate, we will need the basic GLASS SIZES.

Glass sizes can be ESTIMATED for your QUOTE. Measure the width and height of the glass or opening. We will do a critical field measure before actually ORDERING any glass, but approximate sizes are all we need for your estimate.

See Can You Use My Glass? for more info. on glass and glass ordering.

Designs are a collaborative effort, combining our creativity, skill and expertise with your tastes, preferences and imagination. There is virtually no limit to the design possibilities. Most often, clients come to us with a basic design style in mind. They take a look at our vast array of design archives within that style and although the design may begin there, changes are made to suit your tastes and meet your specifications, creating a custom design for your individual piece. For some projects, we “start from scratch”, and create a one-of-a-kind, original design. Still a collaborative effort, thru discussions with you, we will base the design on your decor, and the architecture of your home or establishment. There are also times when a client will already have a specific design or vision in mind. We take that vision and make it a reality, first rendering it on paper, then capturing it within the glass.

Once we have glass sizes and the BASIC DESIGN CONCEPT or STYLE has been determined, we will provide you with you a Quote. The quote can be faxed and/or emailed to you. Prices will vary depending upon these main factors:

(Go to Quote Requests to get started on a custom quote for your project).

To place the order (after the design has been determined, an estimate has been provided and approved), the order is placed and confirmed by signing and dating the quote where indicated and faxing back to us (760-328-3392), and submitting a 50% deposit. This will put you on our work schedule, and we will then create your custom Scale Drawing which you will receive within 7-10 business days from the date of deposit, via email or fax or both, whichever you prefer. We will notify you when your drawing has been faxed or emailed to be sure you have received it.

(Our average, complete turn-around time from date of deposit is 8 weeks, depending upon the project.)

As stated, you will receive your drawing for approval within 7-10 business days from the date of deposit. Your scale drawing will be faxed and/or emailed to you. If the design as shown meets your approval, we will need you to sign and date the areas as indicated, and fax back to us.

Once we have design approval, we will move forward into the fabrication process. Sans Soucie Etching and/or Carving is achieved via sandblasting by hand (Sans Soucie does NOT do any acid etching or any kind of machine/laser etching). Leaded glass pieces are also custom cut and fabricated by hand.

If the design is to feature Color, it will be applied after carving, using special glass paints via air-brushing.

If areas within the design or the background is to have a Gluechip Texture, this is a different process than etching or carving, and takes a total of 3 days to achieve. This means that if we are applying artwork to YOUR door or window glass, we will remove your door or window and BOARD UP THE OPENING FOR SECURITY, while we are working on your glass. Your door or window will be re-installed in 3-4 days when complete.

We are a full service operation! Sans Soucie Art Glass is a licensed, bonded and insured C17 Glazing Contractor (CA License 760697). We will personally deliver and install your Art Glass piece within a 250 mile radius from our location in Palm Desert, California. For installations &/or deliveries outside that range, pieces are expertly packaged, crated and shipped (see Crating & Shipping), and will then be installed by a local glass or door company, or a general contractor within your area. This is customary for work outside our delivery area and we are happy to assist your local contractor any way we can, giving them instruction or information they may need for proper installation.


“What if I’ve already ordered my glass from a regular glass company or thru my builder?”

No problem! We’re thankful to say we have a great working relationship with our local glass and door companies and builders, working with them on projects where you have already purchased your glass from or through them.

Here’s how it works:
IF IT HASN’T BEEN INSTALLED YET, then they will deliver the glass to our Studio, we will apply the artwork, then the glass is picked up and delivered and installed at your home (or commercial location) by them. Again, this is a common practice and very routine for us.

If the glass is already installed and in place, we will come and remove it, etch or carve on it and reinstall it when complete. (We will put plastic over the opening while the glass is out, or we will BOARD UP THE OPENING for security if the glass needs to be out for more than one day).

Where We Do It

Sans Soucie is pleased to announce our NEW LOCATION in 2007!

After many years of being in two separate locations, we’re pleased to announce that our Showroom and Studio are now operating out of one central location in our new building, in Palm Desert, California!

Click here for Map & Directions

Why We Do It

Why? For you to enjoy, of course!

We do our work for our clients to enjoy, but we also love our work! Seeing and hearing how much our clients enjoy our work is the best part of our job and what we strive for. (Be sure to check out our clients TESTIMONIALS). And okay, yes, another reason why we do it is to make a living… but to love what you do AND make a living doing it? We consider ourselves very blessed and believe it’s one of the greatest secrets to our success.

The other secret to our success is our clients. We have an absolutely incredible clientele and are very proud to say that they have year after year, continued to be our best from of advertising. We love our clients and they’re the reason why we make it our mission to continually strive for better service, higher levels of diversity, creativity and customer satisfaction.