Create Space with Beautiful Decorative Glass Partitions

Separate with style by introducing Decorative Glass Partitions into your home! Art Glass today is so much more than just doors, pantries, showers, etc. Today Sans Soucie shows you how glass can be used throughout your home! Think outside the box! With their team of artists using various techniques, every design comes in a variety of effects, each creating a unique look that provides different levels of Privacy and Price!

Partition Perfection When Choosing from Sans Soucie’s Art Gallery!

Decorative Glass Partitions and Dividers with beautifully frosted, etched and carved designs, are a fantastic way to not only divide space but also create privacy! Whether you’re needing a little or a lot, your design never has to be compromised in order to achieve the privacy level your home, restaurant or office is looking for! This is art with functionality!

Custom Glass Dividers can be incorporated just about anywhere! From pony walls, showers, free standing and more… you’ll discover the one that is right for you! Any design that you find while browsing their STUNNING Glass Art Gallery, can be produced into a divider or partition! Same Design, Done Different Gallery is a fabulous place to start in terms of deciding design options! You’ll get to view ONE design executed in multiple ways on either Etched ONLY or Specialty glass! See how separating with Glass Partitions will bring a unity of style to any of your spaces!

decorative glass partitions etched swans

Swan Song Partition

decorative glass partitions etched shower

Sleek Bands Shower Divider

decorative glass partitions etched waves

Renaissance Waves

Glass Partitions with Custom Etching – Ocean Theme

Glass Partitions with custom etching are a stylish way to create spaces within your home or anywhere else you need separation! The mundane look of grey fabric walls are not the ideal way to create an ambiance that says, “Details Matter Here”! Today, there are endless uses for partitions and Sans Soucie is an Art Glass Studio that can take your idea of a space divider to another level!

Here, they feature a gorgeous Ocean Themed glass partition, finished with a Signature Hand Sculpted Edge! Their sandblasting technique is a process used to produce the finest quality in design and glass art. This process creates an etched (frosted) or 3D carved look that brings every concept to life and gives you a variety of options. You can view your selected design done in multiple ways for Privacy Level, Cost and Overall Appeal. This is called Same Design, Done Different!

No matter what style your home requires, glass partitions can simply upgrade any room.

They have a pleather of themes for you to be inspired from! Or, simply bring them a vision all your own and get creative with it! Wall Partitions can be so much more than for simply dividing a space. Use one to enclose a Walk in Shower, create a small window in between rooms for light, or create a statement on top of an existing pony wall! Whatever the case may be you have tons of flexibility to create stunning glass wall dividers! If only walls could talk…what would your walls say?

glass partitions sea horse

Aquarium with Sea Lion

glass partitions etched glass sea lion

Aquarim with Sea Lion (Close Up)

glass partitions tropical clown fish

Aquarim with Sea Lion (Fish Close Up)

etched glass seahorse

Aquarium with Sea Lion (Seahorse Close Up)

etched glass crab

Aquarium with Sea Lion (Crab Close Up)

glass partitions frosted glass seahorse

Aquarium with Sea Lion (Additional Close Up View)


Custom Shower Glass – Reeds Divider

Showers today have been turned into something right out of a five star resort spa! Custom Shower Glass Dividers are a brilliant way to create a luxury look to any walk in shower! We spend money on the right shower head to achieve a “massage” experience, or on expensive travertine to upgrade from old tile, so investing in a gorgeous piece of Art Glass only makes sense! Sans Soucie’s experience in quality, skill and precision makes them one of the leading company’s into today’s market!

Sans Soucie will create any design you desire with their unique Sandblasting Technique! This process allows them to offer you a variety of looks, Privacy Levels and prices! They take everything into consideration! Your design can literally be done in multiple ways, making Custom Glass Showers more affordable than ever! They call it Same Design, Done Different! Your choices of etched (frosted) glass or Specialty Glass for carved and painted features, are details that set every design apart! And if that’s not tailored enough for you, how about choosing from a variety of one of a kind glass edges! All of Sans Soucie’s tempered glass can be created with either polished edges or executed with their Signature Hand Chiseled, Irregular Edges! The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re looking for something simple and elegant or maybe elaborate and opulent, Sans Soucie can fashion the divider of your dreams! You can have your very own spa experience right at home! Surrounded by luminous Art Glass, displaying a custom design that brings a serenity and peace to your busy life! Even if it only last for 5 minutes…! We promised glass not time! Ha, Ha!

custom shower glass etched reeds

Reeds Shower Divider

glass shower panel frosted reeds

Reeds Shower Divider (Additional View 1)

glass partitions etched frosted reeds

Reeds Shower Divider (Additional View 2)

glass dividers etched glass reeds

Reeds Shower Divider (Additional View 3)

Frosted Glass Partitions and Window – Mountains and Desert Landscape

Sans Soucie does more than just sandblasting doors, they also do a stunning job with frosted glass windows and partitions. Their designs are impeccable and the photos do not do the product justice. Just like the doors, they provide an obscure image from both sides of the glass so that the outside can not see you and it creates great privacy. Each product below creates the privacy you need in a wide range of price, that will vary by design complexity and type of glass effect.

If you are appreciating these images and would like to see more like it, click on this link to go the Main Gallery to explore the more desert images that Sans Soucie has created. To see more pieces that have horses, coyotes, and excellent birds go to the Wild Life Gallery, they have extravagant designs  that have animals in creative but stunning colors.

Desert View in Quarry

Desert View in Quarry

Galloping in the Vistas IV Partitions – 2 Panel

Ocotillo Desert Coyote & Roadrunner Tub Window


Frosted Glass Panels and Doors with Abstract Art

The abstract design is unique in the way it lays on Sans Soucie’s glass products. The frosted glass designs provide a stunning appearance on any kind of glass. It provides needed privacy and can transform any mirror into a piece of art.

Most abstract pieces are a visual language that expresses the artists emotions and feelings at a certain time period. Each stroke and color is a representation specific to the artist. Abstract art is all about the artist departing  from reality in depiction of imagery in art.

Check out these abstract designs on multiple glass canvases:

Shoreline Beach Waves Divider

Shoreline Beach Waves Divider




Adria’s Bath Mirror

Adria’s Bath Mirror

Natural History Museum Los Angeles – Glass Donor Plaques by Sans Soucie

In May 2012 Sans Soucie Art Glass was commissioned by TFN Architectural Signage of Santa Ana to create glass donor plaques for display in the main entry of the museum.* The glass is sandblast deep carved with donor names, each one featuring a different design:  a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Parrot, Nautilus and a Butterfly.  The carved textures glow brilliantly thru the use of edge lighting at the bottom.  The large 51″ x 118″ panels have radius tops and are 1/2″ thick Starphire® clear glass, which is nearly crystal clear making it possible for the light to travel evenly thru to the top edge of glass.

“The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County opened in1913 as the Museum of History, Science, and Art.  Its distinctive main building, with fitted marble walls and domed and colonnaded rotunda, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum is the largest in the western United States, and its collections include nearly 35 million specimens and artifacts. The museum has three floors of permanent exhibits. Among the most popular museum displays are those devoted to animal habitats, dinosaurs, pre-Columbian cultures, and the Ralph M. Parsons Discovery Center and Insect Zoo.” †

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County official website

† source





*T-Rex by others




Divide With Style using Etched Glass Partitions

Suspended – Glass Partitions

 There is a false notion that glass partitions makes for a plain, boring look. The fact is that glass has flexibility that other resources cannot match.  An etched glass partition is extremely useful in creating new open spaces in an office or any area whether it’s residential or commerical.  Separating one area from another, glass panels are the perfect solution where private space is needed, without having to put up a wall.

There are numerous practical benefits of using demountable room dividers as an alternative of simply constructing a new perpetual wall. Not only does it let the outline of an office floor alter many times, it also means that rooms shared for practical purposes can ultimately be reinstated to their full size. There are also marketing benefits to these walls, which can benefit a business in terms of both sales and labeling. In fact, by utilizing a glass dividing wall, the influence can be far superior if a little bit of discovery and creativeness is applied.

Glass is a top choice when an organization wants to create a new, private area without blocking any light.  Glass panels can also feature the company name and logo.   The effect can be achieved thru glass film, but over time, the film can crack and peel, whereas sandblast frosting the text and logo into the glass is 100% permanent and completely durable.

Psalm 42:1

Fairway View, Golf Course Scene

The elegance of frosted glass can be all significant to the appearance of the company, but it can also be used effectively to sponsor a sense of what the business is about. So, instead of using only the company logo there can be elements and images added that provide clues of the company product and values. The best instance is perhaps fast food cafeterias, where pictures of happy families relishing meals collectively are powerfully perceptible all over the restaurant.

So, a hospital may incorporate panels that feature soft, flowing lines that give a serene and calming appeal to the area, or even feature landscape scenes that depict the geographical location of the establishment.  A toy company that vends figurines may have outlines of easily identifiable toys, like rotating tops, or constructing blocks. A kindergarten may have the script and numbers, and a soundtrack studio may have musical notes and tones beautifying the panels.  Extremely comprehensive scenes can be portrayed.  This can uphold the company and its amenities, or products in an unintended way.  It is a little like being enclosed by a list without pushing sales, and expresses to the visitor something about the business and what it does thru elegant means.

One of the most significant results of incorporating glass partitions and dividers into a commercial space is what thee customer is left with:  the theme or feel of the brand.  The beautiful surroundings created thru frosted and carved glass can augment the image of a business greatly.




Etched and Carved Glass Wall Partition Adds Privacy

Custom Etched Glass Partions are a fantastic way to separate an area. Depending on whether you want  to create a private area or simply add a beautiful custom look. Our custom etched  glass will suit any situation. Heres a great example of a frosted, etched, carved, and gluechipped glass partition.

The Sans Soucie design “Abstract Hills” below  features a beautiful selection of different textures and design elements, requiring several different techniques.   The glass is surface etched as well as sculpture carved with bands and an abstract random texture that has small chunks or formations.   Other sections were gluechipped sections and solid frosted.  The panels will not only provide a beautiful and interesting custom glass element to the area, but the textures and finishes that were applied, also obscure the glass, providing privacy.

Check out our designs in our Main Gallery.  You will find a vast array of designs for your custom needs.

Sans Soucie Art Glass has been specializing in custom designed decorative etched glass, frosted, 3D carved and stained leaded glass both for interior and exterior applications for luxury homes and commercial projects since 1976.

Our simple, easy to use interactive Door Designer where YOU design your own decorative glass doors and inserts , online! Get instant pricing and place your order right online! Inside the designer you’ll find Sans Soucie’s wide variety of custom hand-drawn design styles, in different etched frosted effects. you can mix and match dozens of etched borders and designs, and even customize your own text!

At Sans Soucie Art Glass,  you can mix and match dozens of etched borders and designs, and even customize your own text!  There’s nothing too simple or too extravagant that we can’t create for you!

Abstract Hills Wall Partition


Abstract Hills Wall Partition


Abstract Hills Wall Partition

Frameless Etched Glass Doors by Sans Soucie :: First Impressions Count!

Frameless Glass Doors • Entry and Interior Doors

First impressions count!  Whether it’s front entry or interior glass doors, the first focal point of any entry is the DOORS!  From simple frosted designs to 3D sculpted glass, Sans Soucie turns an ordinary glass entry into a work of art.  Choose from our vast collection of design archives or let us create something brand new to your design specifications!

  Sans Soucie Art Glass …

          Creating Custom Frameless Glass Doors since 1976.

• Any Size

• Entry or Interior

• Choose a Sans Soucie Design or let us create a new ..

• Custom Design to your Specifications!

• Glass ships worldwide

frameless glass doors sans soucie 01 frameless glass doors sans soucie 02 frameless glass doors sans soucie 03 frameless glass doors sans soucie 04 frameless glass doors sans soucie 05 frameless glass doors sans soucie 06 frameless glass doors sans soucie 07 frameless glass doors sans soucie 08 frameless glass doors sans soucie 09 frameless glass doors sans soucie 10


Glass Doors that Make a Statement.

Let Sans Soucie Art turn your ordinary glass entry, into the extraordinary work of art.


Sans Soucie Art Glass is hand-crafted, sandblast etched and 3D carved.  The sandblasting is done different ways, creating different effects – and price levels.  The “same design, done different” – there’s no limit to design.   With 38 years of creating custom etched glass, there’s something for every decor, regardless of style.   Choose from our large collection of design archives or let us create a new design to your specifications.  Price will vary by design complexity and type of effect.  Learn more about our effects.


Available any size, custom made to order, our frameless glass front entry doors will be 1/2″ thick.  Interior glass doors will be 3/8″ or 1/2″, depending on size, location and application.  Available any size and custom made to order, all glass is tempered for safety.   Interior glass doors will include wall mount hinges and solid metal door pulls.  Exterior doors will include top and bottom metal rails or patch fittings, header with concealed hydraulic closures, vertical jambs, lock box, threshold, back-to-back door pulls, all hardware (in a variety of finishes) and weather stripping with mohair door seals.


Price will vary by design complexity and type of sandblast effect.  Our Solid Frost effects are the lower-end, more cost effective options.  Our  2D3D and Stained Glass are the higher end.  These effects require a much higher level of skill by the artist, and much more time to create, than the solid frost effects.  Learn more about our effects.  With 3D carving, the glass is literally hand-sculpted.  This not only means a 3 dimensional effect, but also the edges of the design elements will illuminate bright as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light.   If color is desired, the 3D carved glass is airbrush painted in either translucent or solid paints, from matte to metallic.  The turn-around with any frameless glass door is 4 weeks minimum.  If the glass will feature a 2D or 3D design, 7-8 weeks.


From a little to a lot, get the privacy you need without sacrificing light.  Glass can be 100% obscure privatesemi-private or not at all – just choose what you need. Art glass doors by Sans Soucie add a truly unique element and level of luxury to your entry, while providing a practical solution.  From simple frosted glass effects to our more extravagant 3D sculpture carving, painted glass .. and everything in between, Sans Soucie designs can all be executed to provide just the right amount of privacy.


All glass is expertly hand-packed in-house by our glaziers and artists and ships worldwide, foam packed and fully insured.  Our packing is the secret to our success when it comes to shipping.  Transit times are 1-5 days depending on destination,  Glass is delivered right to your door step.  Both residential and commercial deliveries, both domestic and international.





First impressions count! Your front doors are the first focal point of any home or business. Our doors are designed to provide the privacy you need, without sacrificing sunlight, through stunning works of etched, frosted and 3D carved and stained art glass, in a wide range of price.

Known for high quality craftsmanship and versatility, our designs turn any glass product into an exquisite work of art. We create unlimited design styles for both interior and exterior needs for the following: door and door inserts for pantry, laundry room, wine cellar, bathroom windowsshowerspartitionspanelssigns,wall art piecesdining tablesshelvescounter topssculpturesdecorative mirrors and more.

Sans Soucie Art Glass has been specializing in custom designed decorative etched glass, frosted, 3D carved and stained leaded glass both for interior and exterior applications for luxury homes and commercial projects since 1976.

Our simple, easy to use interactive Door Designer where YOU design your own decorative glass doors and inserts live, online! Get instant pricing and place your order right online! Inside the designer you’ll find Sans Soucie’s wide variety of custom hand-drawn design styles, in different etched frosted effects. you can mix and match dozens of etched borders and designs, and even customize your own text!

At Sans Soucie Art Glass,  you can mix and match dozens of etched borders and designs, and even customize your own text!  There’s nothing too simple or too extravagant that we can’t create for you!


Metamorphosis I
(all Glass Frameless Door)


Metamorphosis 3D I Door
( Framed Door)


(sample of Glass Insert)




Etched, Frosted Glass in Sea Life Design by Sans Soucie

Over the years, Sans Soucie Art Glass has created a wide variety of etched, carved architectural glass products with Sea Life design. From beautiful Sea Turtles to Marlin.  And yes even Mermaids!

Our glass allows you to  spread natural light around your home and as we have seen the glass does not simply have to be a plain sheet.  In expert hands glass can be transformed into any piece of art you like which.  Visit our Main Gallery and see hundreds of Glass Art to enhance the beauty of your decor through custom glass doors, windows, dividers, fireplace screens and many more!

Interested in Glass Pantry Doors? Well visit our Pantry Designer and create you own custom door.

Sans Soucie is known for creating the highest quality etched, carved and leaded art glass available in the industry and offers a broad-range design versatility and outstanding level of customer service and satisfaction.



Leaping Dolphins 2D Door


Sea Turtle & Friends


Mermaid 3D Door