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Stage Sandblast, 3D Carved, Painted, Leaded

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Solid Sandblast Surface Etched

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Douglas Fir Only. 6 Week Delivery.


For other woods in this size, please request custom pricing.

Shipping Info & Delivery ETA

Allow approx. 3 Weeks for Delivery.

For Specialty Woods (African Mahogany, Cherry, Hickory, Knotty Alder & Maple), and doors that are 84" or taller, 34" or wider:
Allow approx. 7-8 weeks for delivery.

Your Sans Soucie Art Glass Door will ship fully insured, inside a custom made box crate, via UPS Freight.

You will receive a Tracking # the day of shipment.

Payment Terms

Delivery ETA 3-4 Weeks:

  • Full amount will be charged on order date.

Delivery ETA 6+ Weeks:

  • 50% deposit will be charged on order date, balance will be charged on date of shipment.
Returns & Refunds

All products are custom made-to-order and are non-refundable unless we receive written notification of cancelation within 24 hours of order placement. The same policy applies to any changes to the order.

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No Bore Hole
Single Bore Hole
Double Bore Hole
Solid Negative Sandblast on Clear Glass

The overall background of the glass is sandblast "solid frosted" white, while the design elements will be in CLEAR GLASS.

This glass is NOT private, but will allow visibility through the clear design elements.

This glass is suitable for a pantry door or any other door where obscurity is desired, but total privacy is not needed.

Solid Positive Sandblast on Acid Etched Glass

One surface (typically the interior surface) of the glass is acid etched.

The design is solid sandblasted on the opposite surface of the glass.

This glass is completely private, suitable for a bathroom, bedroom or entry or any door where total privacy is needed.

3D Carved Glass

3D Carved Glass is a multi-stage sandblast where the artist sandblasts the design, one small segment at a time, cutting deep into the glass, creating a sculpted, relief texture of varying depths.

The edges of the carved shapes within the image will illuminate and appear whiter and brighter as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light.

A minimum thickness of 3/8" THICK GLASS IS REQUIRED FOR 3D CARVING. There will be an additional charge for the heavy 3/8" thick glass panel when the 3D Carved Option is selected.

(All door glass is tempered for safety).

2D Surface Etched Glass

A 2D Surface Etched sandblast, is a multi-stage sandblast where the artist sandblasts the design, one small segment at a time, creating a dimensional effect.

Similar to 3D Carved, 2D Surface Etched sandblast has "shaded areas" where the sandblasting fades back out to clear glass.

This creates a beautiful dimensional effect, but the sandblasting is on the top surface ONLY, and is not cut deep into the glass, like 3D Carved Glass.

Solid Frost Glass

Solid frosted glass is a one stage, overall sandblast, where the design is made up of thin, clear pinstripes.